Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Feel free to contact us if you have more.


+ Why don’t you book flights, hotels or activities?

Good question! We believe giving you the choice of what and when to book allows you to have more control over the trip you want to create. Instead of giving you a rigid itinerary, you will have the flexibility and confidence in choosing the options that feel right for you. We will be working to keep you updated on the best flight prices, hotel deals, and other logistics so that you have all the information when you’re ready to book. If you run into any problems, we are always here to help.

+ What if I run into issues on my trip? For example, what if my flight is canceled or my hotel is overbooked?

Sometimes a curveball is thrown our way during travel, and a canceled flight can cause a lot of headaches. We are here for you at any point in your trip and will help you sort out the details to get you back up and running with minimum stress.

+ When do you collect the payment?

When you decide to use our service after the initial questionnaire and video chat, we will send an invoice for the base price. The final payment will include the additional days of the trip and will be due 24 hours before you receive your itinerary.

+ What if I change my mind about where to go during the planning process?

Maybe you thought a beach vacation was what you needed but decided the mountains were more your speed. It’s no problem. Included in your plan is the ability to revise it once before the final itinerary. We ask that you let us know within 24-48 hours of our initial video chat.

+ Are there a minimum amount of days that you require for planning?

Maybe you only need help planning a day or two. A birthday or other special occasion is a perfect example. We are happy to help with any amount of days, but our base rate will still apply.