Welcome to our blog!


Hi everyone! I’m Nikki Flaming, the founder of Roam & Wander. In the beginning stages of creating my company, I bought a small notebook from my grocery store in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where I live. Things have always flowed better for me with a pen and paper rather than a computer. It wasn’t until a week or two after using it that I noticed what was written on the bottom of each page:

¡Marca un norte en tu camino!

Above the text was a small ship’s wheel. While I am not fluent in Spanish, I had an idea what it meant. I texted my mom to double check (she’s Colombian). Essentially, she said, it means to follow your path, or to stay going north. It was a little sign for me at that moment to continue with what I wanted to create. I was unsure of this new venture and had my doubts. I was starting an online business and preferred to use a pen and paper. Was I nuts? But every time I turned the page, there was that gentle reminder to keep going written at the bottom.

When thinking of a blog name, Tu Camino, which means your path, immediately sprung to mind. Through my travels, I have found the path I am currently on and I was curious to know how it brought others to theirs.

Here at Roam & Wander we not only want to help plan your trip but also build a travel community. We want to connect you to those who inspire our travels and in turn, be inspired by you.

Tu Camino will focus on various travel topics, stories and experiences from around the world. We want to hear about what drives you to travel, what your favorite places are and where you plan to go to next.

Feel free to write in the comments what you would like to read in our blog. We are excited for you to join this virtual adventure with us.