Nikki Flaming




A company that was born from a love of discovering new places


Roam & Wander is a curated travel planning company created by Nikki Flaming.

Nikki’s own experiences as an avid global solo traveler inspired her to help other people find their own adventures.

Through Roam & Wander, she is using her first hand knowledge to help you plan your next trip— from a weekend getaway to a month on the other side of the globe. She hopes to be a helping hand for others in their quest for exploration.

Let your adventures begin!


Nikki Flaming is the founder of Roam & Wander. Having been primarily a solo traveler for over 14 years, she wants to use her love of travel and travel planning to encourage those who are a bit hesitant to take that leap.

She realized at an early age the incredible way that travel—even if it’s just a 5 hour road trip through Florida— can transform a person. She hopes, through Roam & Wander, to be a helping hand, for others in their quest for exploration.